For a detailed list of the work done in this room, click here.

Bathroom – Before

Bathroom – After

Storage – Before

Storage – After

Towel Bar – Before

Towel Bar – After

Bottom of Storage – Before

Penny’s Hiding Spot – Before

Storage/Hiding Spot – After

Toilet – Before

Wall next to toilet – Before

Toilet – After

Wall next to toilet – After

Sink/Mirror – Before

Sink/Mirror – After

Skylight (love having natural light in the bathroom)

Finally got to use the buttonhole attachment on my sewing machine!


3 responses

27 12 2009
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28 12 2009

Wow again, and again!! The home gets better and better the more I see of it. You have done a remarkable amount of work in the relatively short period of time you have owned the home. This compendium of photos with all the detail avaiable will allow you to really add value to the home to any prospective buyer should you ever decide to sell this property. Congratulations again my darling daughter, you have become a “miracle worker” of sorts in your unique ability to make something plain become so much more aesthetically pleasing and I am truly impressed!!

Love you so much and am so proud of all you’ve done to make your home so special for you, Penny , and Nick.

Lots of Love and keep up the great work!!!

29 12 2009

Once again, I am blown away by your many talents and accomplishments. You’ve only been in the house for a few months, and look at everything you have already done! It’s really awesome – you really brought that bathroom to light. I love the shower curtain.
It’s beautiful. And the cabinet you put in the storage space is perfect. Again, you should feel such pride for what you’ve accomplished. You are amazing! I know Nick helped you, and I’m just glad he’s in your life, and that you can share these amazing accomplishments with him. I am grateful to him for all he’s done for you. It goes without saying that you would have an amazing boyfriend. He’s the best.

I love you very much.



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