Feeling Blue (Deep Royal to be exact)

8 11 2010

Living in Baltimore City in a rowhouse means all the houses look a little bit the same. I love my brick front (that was definitely what I wanted when picking a house) and since I moved in I was not loving my reddish front door. It blended in with the brick and just wasn’t fun. Walking around my neighborhood and seeing some of the other fun door colors made me want to grab a paint brush (and roller, gray primer, screwdriver, dropcloth, etc.)

So after talking about it for at least a year, I decided on painting my door blue, dark blue that would still look good with my black shutters. So we set out to Home Depot and selected Behr’s Deep Royal in Exterior Satin. When we started to paint, we realized we’re gonna need some primer. So a second trip to Home Depot later and we were back with Gripper Gray primer.  We started with two coats of that:

By the time we finished the two trips to Home Depot and two coats of primer, we had to head out for a family bowling event. We left the house with the door primed – it looked silly but might as well do it right!

This morning I got up and started painting with the blue, it’s going to take A LOT of coats of this paint. So…paint and paint I did. After 2 coats the door looked something like this:

Not the look I was going for…but making some progress on the color, but it took several more coats to get to the final product:

To be honest, I am actually “feeling blue” about the color – this is not the outcome I had in mind. The swatch we picked was darker (more toward the navy end, but still blue enough not to clash with the black shutters). Not only that  – but for the life of me, I couldn’t get even coverage. I don’t know if it was painting in the cold (though the paint said we could use it as long as the temp was above 35* – which it was) or the primer & paint in one or what the deal was. But close up it looks like it was done with a crappy brush and someone who didn’t really care – NOT TRUE! I painted this door for 8 hours!

Not happy at all. I suppose more trips to Home Depot are in store for me to find the right blue and fix this mess. And yes, my brick needs to be cleaned – already borrowed the power washer from the boyfriend’s parents. His dad even sent some special detergent packet so I probably get my marble steps to gleam and my brick to look great again. It’s so lame how excited I am to powerwash my house. I just love-love-love projects where the before and after is soooo obvious. This before and after is obvious, but I’m not loving it as much as I thought I would. What do you think?