Backyard: Part II – Girl Gone Gray

17 05 2010

Back with part dos of the backyard update. We spent the weekend working outside on the “yard,” it was perfect weather for it too, breezy and warm – but not too warm! Our list included:

  1. powerwashing the vinyl siding
  2. painting the back door
  3. replacing back door hardware
  4. weeding
  5. sweeping
  6. cleaning up cement spots

While there is more to be added to that list, it still felt like a fairly productive weekend. I am really liking the new backdoor color. It’s Valspar’s Charcoal Smoke in outdoor satin. It’s got a hit of blue in it (either that or the gray blue on the back of my house makes it look more blue). I also added brushed nickel hardware to the door which helped with the modern and fresh look I was going for. The door makeover was $60 – $45 for the door hardware, $15 for the paint. Though kind of pricey, it made a huge difference! I have a ton of paint leftover, I only used maybe 1/6 of the quart. However, as Nick said it would be easy to overuse this paint, so I should just hide it away for touch ups – which are inevitable – as Penny “knocks” on the door when she wants to come in from sunbathing by scratching the door.

So, a little before and after for you:

And of course, the after:

I’m pleased with the results and feel this back door reflects my personality much more than the before.




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