Backyard: Part I – Garden Gone Green

16 05 2010

Living in the city means that I don’t have a beautiful green lawn or large outdoor space, I have a lovely concrete pad. I do my best to make my yard a nice oasis to relax in and try to make small inexpensive changes to spruce things up. When I first bought my house, I had a jungle (literally) growing in the garden bed. This was promptly cut down when they installed a drain pipe. I was happy to be rid of the jungle, but was left with a garden bed of clay-like soil and didn’t think I could grow much back there. I decided to try out my green thumb (which up until this point was limited to a planter box on my previous apartment’s balcony and working in my parent’s yard). The results were sub-par because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I at least went from this:

To this (complete with a shot of Penny basking in the sun):

Since then, those plants have seen better days (Penny sometimes uses that area as a restroom when she’s outside and apparently her pee is nothing like plant food). The lights are great – for about $3 each from WalMart they are solar path lights that get pretty bright at night. (I know – the walls need a serious power washing – this is on the list). The tree in the corner is Nick’s Christmas tree from 2 years ago (when you live in an apartment, that size tree is more than enough).  I also inserted some lights in the base of that, however, in that corner they don’t get quite enough sunlight to light up much at night. As for that garden bed, while I enjoy not having all concrete back there – it takes up quite a bit of my usable space (3 1/2 by 9 1/4 feet) and is a little more than I need in one area (I have become a big fan of container gardening). So I am considering filling it in and adding a raised bed on the back wall OR once the fencing panel goes up, adding window boxes and hanging plants all around. Filling in the concrete gives me a larger space for a patio set since I currently have three levels in my yard (path to back gate, main patio, garden bed). I have been scouring Craiglist for a good patio set, so far I’ve found a few, but haven’t heard back or it’s already gone by the time I put in my offer. I know I will find one, just need to be vigilant about searching.

I will be adding another post about the backyard and some other changes we made.

Just to give you an idea of what the yard looked like when I was looking to buy (we couldn’t get out the back door so this is through the kitchen window):

The jungle isn’t growing quite yet, remember I went under contract in April and didn’t settle until August so it had 4 months of rain and hot summer sun to get growing. Sometimes when I see these pictures I am glad I could see some sort of potential with this house because most people would have just walked away!




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2 06 2010

I have a power washer you can borrow.

16 07 2010
Paula Montrie

This is beautiful! I didn’t realize you had a blog about your place. I love all of your little decorator bits.

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