Guest Room – on the cheap

25 02 2010

So, I have some friends coming into town this weekend. I wanted to be able to give them a nice comfortable room to stay in and not drop a ton of money. Almost everything in this room is re-purposed from another area of the house except the bedding, curtains, frames, and small rug in front of the door. Unfortunately I don’t have any “before any work at all” pictures, so these will have to do.

The dull before (with already painted walls, trim and ceiling, furniture & curtains):

The much better “guest room on the cheap” after:

Supplies list:

Bed – my old bed – free

Sheets – Microfiber Silver – Kohls – $17

Green pillowcases – BH&G – Walmart – $10

Black/White pillowcases – Made with Anna Griffin fabric purchased from (2 yards) – $14

White Comforter – Ikea – $30

Curtain – White panels – Walmart – $14

Tables – Lack from Ikea (already owned) – free

Rug in front of door – Ribcord – Kohls – $8

TV/dresser/file cabinet (already owned) – free

1/2 of 5 x 8 sheet of Luan to cover duct work and create shelves – painted with Behr SnowFall – $5


Books from bookcase (already owned – remove cover and voila, a James Patterson book looks like a classic) – free

Clock (gift – already owned) – free

Birdcage/lantern – Michaels – $6

Green bird – Michaels – $2

Pictures – my own (Trees at sunset, USS Constellation Baltimore Inner Harbor, 4th of July Inner Harbor) – free

Frames – Michaels – $5 each!

Elephant candle (gift – already owned) – free

Basket (re-purposed from bathroom – already owned) – free

Towels x 4 – Sonoma – Kohls – $4.50 each (and they are soft!)

Wall color – Dutchboy Mt. Ranier (could use another coat – but I was pressed for time) – $14

Trim, ceiling, doors – Behr Snowfall – $20 (still have 1/2 can left), so $10

Grand Total: $163

I love-love-love the Anna Griffin fabric. I spent hours searching for it online after seeing a purse made out of it on Etsy. The post contained no info on who the fabric was designed by (of course, why would they give away their secret), so it took a lot of searching, but I finally tracked it down. Overall, I am pretty happy with the room since I only spent $163.