24 01 2010

So I bought my dining room set on Craigslist, I got a great deal.  The table and chairs are in great condition, a tiny tiny scratch on the table, but not noticable unless someone points it out to you.  The woman selling the set wanted $300, I offered her $200 and walked away with a nice table, leaf and 6 chairs.  Here is the table in all its glory:

When I bought the table I noticed that the white chair covers had seen better days.  I’ve recovered dining room chairs before so I figured I would do the same with this set.  I wanted to bring a little color in when I did it and since I love Amy Butler fabrics, but have never used them for a project I thought I might try them out.  You can’t buy fabrics directly from Amy Butler, so I headed out on a search for a few different fabrics from her Daisy Chain collection.  I found a great site that was really easy to use, and offered coordinating prints and colors.  That site is Hawthorne Threads, it’s a great site, IF you can find what you need.  They only had 2 of 3 fabrics I wanted in stock, and it was silly to pay twice for shipping from two different vendors so I searched for another site to get all 3 from and came across FabricWorm.  They had everything I wanted so I ordered from them instead of Hawthorne.  Here is what I ordered:

It should arrive this week and I will cover the chairs and post some before and after pics.  I hope it looks good.  Of course, once I cover them the orange rug in the dining room will have to go (it’s for the living room anyway – once we get ride of the carpet).  The rug is from Urban Outfitters and I am considering going with the same rug in the green to bring out the pops of green in this fabric, but haven’t decided yet.  Thoughts?



16 01 2010

I’m looking for some feedback on what to do for the stairway railing.  Right now, there are just 2 x 4s which the previous owner put in so that the stairway was up to code.  We removed two of them to open up the corner and that’s why it looks a little odd.  I’d like to keep it fairly open, but also don’t want to feel like I might fall through (or Penny because sometimes she gets crazy and runs from upstairs to downstairs over and over again – this is her way of telling you that she wants to play!).  So, here are the steps now:

Some inspiration:

Modern & Metal (horizontal)

From DIYModernDesign

Modern & Metal (vertical)

From The Complete Home Store

Bright & Artistic

From The Lennoxx

Bright & Simple

From DW Partnership

I’m still searching for more ideas, but whatever I do has to be open and airy.  If you have any ideas, let me know!  I’d love for whatever we do to be something we can build/install ourselves.  I’m liking the last two because they are so simple and bright.  but am thinking I could get away with having them spaced farther apart to keep the stairway as open as possible.  Also, I plan to eventually take out the carpet in the living room and do dark wood floor.  I’d like to do the stairs with white risers and dark wood treads/steps.  I think this will leave the steps looking classic and modern.   I’m loving the way the boys over at Project Rowhouse’s stairs turned out!  I’m envisioning something similar at my house.

Happy 2010!

2 01 2010

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all rang in the new year right.  A few goals for the new year as far as the house and the blog go:

  1. Post more regularly, not just for big projects
  2. Take lots of before and after pictures
  3. Tackle the kitchen
  4. Tackle the upstairs (master and guest bedroom)
  5. Get an estimate for moving the washer and dryer upstairs to the large closet on the second floor
  6. Clean up the outside of the house (list for outside to be posted)

I’m looking forward to this summer when I’ll have a lot of time to work on the house (I’m a teacher and only take classes for my masters in the summer, though I am considering a job to make some extra cash, but need to think about if that is something I really want to do).  I look forward to making my current concrete pad into an outdoor oasis on a budget.

Tin Man

1 01 2010

One of the drawing features to buying this house was the beautiful original tin ceiling in the kitchen.  It’s got great detail and it’s a fun color.  It’s hard to tell from this photo, but it’s an aqua/teal color.

There’s one bad thing about the ceiling…it’s discolored because of cooking smoke and I think cigarette smoke.  So, now I’ve set out to try and figure out the best way to clean it up without having to repaint the entire thing.  Any ideas?

So far, I’ve considered trying:

  1. soap & water
  2. Mr. Clean Magic eraser
  3. What else can I try???

I want to clean up the smoke without damaging the paint or ruining anything else.  If you have any tips or tricks you want to share with me on the best way to approach, please let me know!