It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

21 12 2009

We got our first significant snow fall here in Baltimore, almost 20 inches.  Here is the outside of the house with my basic Christmas decor:

You can see the snow is still falling when the photo was taken.  By the end of the day my basement windows were no longer visible.  You can also see Penny peeking out the front window if you look very closely.  This is one of her favorite spots in the house, she can see all the action!

Here are some pictures of Penny playing in the snow in the back yard, the snow really accumulated back there, almost 2 feet when all was said and done, not sure why we got so much more back there than everywhere else…

I know the picture on the right is terrible and not in focus, but she was galloping so fast (I guess so she wouldn’t get buried) that it was hard to get a good shot.  I think she looks like she’s flying in that picture – her ears are the best part!  It was fun to have some snow and my basement had only minimal water after it all melted (alleluia!).

Nick and I also took a walk over to the park on Saturday night to take some photos, here is the only one I’m willing to share, the rest are not so good.  It was hard to get a good shot while the snow was still falling:




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