What color?

14 10 2009

I’ve been trying to find the perfect color to paint the living room and nothing is perfect yet.  I want to go with a nice gray wall because all of my furniture is white, I think it will make the white pop and then I can use colorful accessories to energize the room.  Here is a mock up what I plan to include in the room:

Living Room Mockup

This is actually pretty close to what is going on in there right now.  All the furniture is there (except the side table, lamp and dog bed).  The floor right now is blue carpet which we plan to rip out and replace with a dark wood laminate (or refinish the hardwood that is under the carpet, but we’re not sure what kind of condition it is in – plus the previous owner painted it and we don’t know how many layers of paint there are).

I’ve been through 4 different grays on the wall, I finally found one I like, it’s Ralph Lauren’s Sweatshirt Grey:

Sweatshirt Grey

You’d think for a paint that costs $30 a gallon that the finish would be nice, but I wasn’t happy with it.  It seemed to show every brush stroke.  Luckily I only bought the sampler size and didn’t waste $30!  I’m going to attempt to have another store color match it.  Have any of you had luck with that?  So that’s my plan, get it color matched and then put it on the walls.  I’d love to do that this weekend!




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