Shelf Life

29 09 2009

So, in reading a post recently from Brooklyn Limestone she was discussing styling a shelf.  She’s much more adapt to this than me and has the furniture to do serious styling with.  I, on the other hand, do not!  I have a Billy bookcase from Ikea and a bunch of books, but I thought I could give my shelf a little more style.  Below is a picture of the shelf before (really it didn’t look quite like this, I had just unpacked all my books, before I moved they were organized by author and size).

I decided that if I organized them by color that might be a bit more appealing.  I started by putting them in piles by the color of the binding and then putting them in order by size.  The books that were the hardest to place were my Harry Potter books since they use a ton of color in the illustrations that cover the binding (PS – I got these for a steal, the entire hard back set in perfect condition off Craigslist for $70!).  I ended up with something much more styled and fun than if I just organized them the way I had been.  I was pleased!

Here is a shot of the bookshelf after some free styling that didn’t take much time at all.  I also included a picture of a close up of the top two shelves – who knew I had so many red books???




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