First Project: Bathroom

7 09 2009

So I decided I would tackle the bathroom first since it’s the smallest room, I might actually be able to finish it and feel accomplished.  Since I was under contract on the house for so long I had started making decor plans before I even moved in.  I decided on a light blue with bright white trim with a black and white damask shower curtain.  I searched and searched and could not find a black and white damask curtain.   I can sew a straight line so I figured I could make one if I found a fabric I liked.  I ordered samples from Design Warehouse Fabrics:


I ended up going with Traditions because I thought the smaller repeat might be a bit overwhelming in such a small space with a large curtain.  The fabric width was 54″ and I thought it would be too hard to match up the pattern to extend it to be wide enough for a shower curtain.  I ordered 5 yards ($6.98/yard) and now have a ton left over.  I opted to go for a solid black border on both sides.  I purchased a black cotton duck fabric from Walmart for $5 (2 yards) and used that to make edges.  I’m pleased with the way it turned out.  I also got to try out the buttonhole sewing foot on my machine – it worked like  a charm to create holes for the curtain rings…

Pictures are coming!




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