I’m in!

25 08 2009

So, it’s August 25th and I’m finally in my rowhouse 🙂  I settled last Thursday and have been unpacking and fixing things since then.  It feels good to finally be here, it’s been a long road…

The first project we tackled when I moved in was the toilet as I was told during the inspection that I needed a new flush seal valve (the old valve was falling apart and water would poor out of the tank when the toilet was flushed).  It was supposed to be an easy fix, my boyfriend picked up a kit at Home Depot with all the guts from inside the tank.  To me it made sense to replace everything inside since all the parts were older.  Unfortunately, the repair was not as easy as we assumed it would be.  The parts were so old they were rusted and corroded onto the tank.  So another night with no toilet (thank goodness for not being too far away from the action and going to Panera to use the facilities!) and another trip to Home Depot, 3 hours of frustration, $40 of parts (kit, new vice grips, large wrench, PB Blaster spray and a blow torch).  Luckily we can use most of this stuff again!  There was a point in Home Depot when I considered just buying a whole new toilet…but my handy boyfriend fixed it and I now have a working toilet with all new parts, I also know a lot more than I did about toilets now!